OTR Tyre Trainer

Course Title:
2 Day OTR Tyre Trainer/LTC

Concept –To equip and provide the means to pass on repair procedures to others


  1. OTR tyre construction and rubber technology
  2. Specialist tools and their use in OTR tyre repairing
  3. OTR injury measurements and repair chart reading
  4. Methods one can use to pass on all the techniques you have already acquired

      Core content:

      • Handouts–RTT OTR Procedure Manual
      • Repair charts
      • Certificate of training

      Delivery Method & Timings

        1. Company Presentation/PowerPoint/30 Mins
        2. Tyre Construction/PowerPoint/60 Mins
        3. Rubber Technology/Power Point/60 Mins
        4. Right tool, right job/Practical/60 Mins
        5. Measuring injuries & charts/Power Point/120 Mins
        6. Tractor & forestry repairs/Power Point/60 Mins
        7. OTR repair video/DVD or CD/60 Mins
        8. Disciplines one must teach/Power Point/60 Mins
        9. Charts & technical information/For trainers/60 Mins

                                                                Total Delivery Time:

                                                                2 Day

                                                                Max/Min Delegates

                                                                Prices and availability available on application.

                                                                Contact REMA TIP TOP 0113 2770044 for more details.

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