REMA TIP TOP has developed into a tradition-rich company in the course of its 90-year history through its consistent orientation towards the customer and its approach to cultural exchange. As always, quality and the benefit to the customer are of prime importance to us. The needs and requirements of our customers stimulate us to extend and continually optimize our portfolio of offerings in a consistent manner.

High-value products and highly qualified employees

Another secret of the REMA TIP TOP success is the global interaction between high-value products, professional services and experienced and highly qualified employees. The worldwide REMA TIP TOP network permits us to pass on our know-how and thus learn from each other on a daily basis. In this manner we can guarantee absolute reliability and dependability and contribute to the success of our customers.



The goal of REMA TIP TOP is to become the undisputed No. 1 in the corresponding market segments around the world. For its ongoing and profitable growth, the company counts on its high-value products and customer-oriented services.

The close networking of global know-how on the one hand, as well as the consolidation of local presence on the other, ensures both quality and closeness to the customer. A strong team spirit and a clear mission form a solid basis for this.

Mission and values

Mission and values

REMA TIP TOP focuses on activities that are strictly oriented to customer needs and requirements.

Quality and reliability
We are enthusiastic about what we do and want to continually improve ourselves and our technical know-how.

Customer orientation
We listen to our customers carefully and offer them what they need – before they have to ask for it.

We take on challenges in a completely open manner, because only by acquiring new perspectives can we offer innovative solutions.

We show what we do and what we stand for, because transparency leads to mutual respect, the basis for a solid partnership.

We continuously recheck our processes, products and services and accurately align them to current customer needs.

From the analysis of customer needs, through to the development of solutions, products, training and service, REMA TIP TOP offers everything from a single source.



REMA TIP TOP speaks the language of the times. Keeping, protecting or repairing that which already exists is from an ecological point of view more topical than ever before. This approach is however a REMA TIP TOP tradition: It has been the guiding principle of the company's business since its foundation over 90 years ago.

Extend the lifetime!
As experts in corrosion and wear protection, REMA TIP TOP offers the right products and services for almost all conveying and processing plant.

Appropriate protection considerably reduces or eliminates the material fatigue of individual components. The lifetime of plant parts is extended markedly, and replacement can often be completely avoided. The correct types of rubber coatings also help to reduce frictional resistance in the plant, with this also having a positive effect on energy consumption.

A further positive side effect of wear protection is the reduction in noise. Coating the appropriate areas of a dump truck can, for example, reduce noise emission by up to 10 dB (A), corresponding to a halving of the noise as perceived by the human ear.



Innovations both ensure and strengthen our market position in the long term and are a decisive factor for growth. REMA TIP TOP bundles its company-wide innovative powers in its global network and thus brings into being space for creativity that lets us rethink well-trodden mental paths and question given relationships.

We work on new ideas and projects in international workshops, always under the assumption that we will offer our customers the best possible solution to their needs.