Corporate Social Responsibility

From the company's perspective, responsibility for social issues is an increasingly important subject. The company’s proactive stance and responsibility to the environment is undiminished over time. It is the company’s strong belief that tyre repairs that have been professionally carried out permit both the continued use of the tyre, and, through retreading, create a second and possibly a third, tyre life. Our slogan of "don't replace it, keep it" ensures that many millions of litres of crude oil are saved that would otherwise be needed for the production of new tyres.

REMA TIP TOP also places great emphasis on sustainability in its production processes. The business continually strives to optimise the energy efficiency of its systems, use raw materials more effectively and utilise, for example, new processes to allow the utilisation of waste materials. Where at all possible, renewable energy sources are used. 

Educating the current and next generation of Tyre Technician

An another level our commitment to safety standards remains undiminished. The new tyre repair training school at our headquarters in Leeds is further evidence of this and our ongoing adherence to British Standards BSAU 159g.

REMA TIP TOP, Chief Executive, Mark Insley stated: "We recognise the importance of education and training to an industry which is responsible for the safety of millions of people on our roads on a daily basis. "With this well-­equipped and highly professional facility we will provide an invaluable resource for our customers."