Market leader in the Automotive Aftermarket and Material Processing and Surface Protection industries in the United Kingdom.

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Surface Protection

REMA TIP TOP is one of the most capable and comprehensive suppliers of industrial corrosion protection systems.

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Are you TPMS Ready?

REMA TIP TOP’s specialised product line of TPMS diagnostic and programming devices and accessories meets all the needs of a demanding and rapidly developing market.

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Material Processing

Contact REMA TIP TOP INDUSTRY UK head office on 01302 711233 - Material Processing, Surface Protection and Service

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Bicycle Products

REMA TIP TOP are perhaps most famous for their bicycle tube repair kit. Do you still remember growing up, the little green box and feathered vulcanised tube patches?

REMA TIP TOP INDUSTRY UK has been awarded the chute and bunker lining contract at Drax power station, Europe’s largest co-firing power plant.

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REMA TIP TOP UK were pleased to welcome some of the Tarmac Central maintenance team to the Industrial Division Head Office in Doncaster on a recent visit.

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REMA TIP TOP AUTOMOTIVE UK LIMITED retain the 2016 NTDA – Tyre and Aftermarket Equipment Supplier of the Year award for an unprecedented third year in succession.

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