All the products supplied by REMA TIP TOP have been manufactured respecting international standards of quality and safety. Furthermore the products and service of our suppliers are under constant review ensuring that our customers can rely upon consistent service of the highest quality.

Our manufacturing facilities at Poing and Furstenzell in Germany are home to a highly qualified and dedicated team of R&D professionals with whom the future of top level product development and innovation are assured. New products are only released into the Global market after extensive in-house bench checks and field testing. 

A Quality Driven Organisation

REMA TIP TOP HOLDINGS UK Ltd received ISO9001 accreditation in December 1991. Since that time REMA TIP TOP have continued to develop and improve its operational standards, both of its own efforts, and using appropriate available worldwide technological developments. We realise our customers expect quality because:

  • They want products that are consistent and reliable.
  • They want them to meet their requirements.
  • They want value for money.

This philosophy requires us to pursue excellence in developing our people, practising professionalism, leading our market places, providing quality, and above all responding to our customers.

In order for REMA TIP TOP to achieve the best possible standard of service, we like to provide information on, and alert customers to our complaints handling procedure and the response mechanism for customer feedback. Whether a complaint is given in writing or conveyed verbally they are treated with equal importance. All of our staff are trained and equipped to accept complaints and have responsibility to carry out immediate corrective action that falls within their capability.