REMA TIP TOP are exclusive distributors of CORGHI Workshop Equipment in GREAT BRITAIN. Click on more details to follow link to our latest PDF catalogue.



Market leader in the Automotive Aftermarket and Material Processing and Surface Protection industries in the United Kingdom.

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Surface Protection

REMA TIP TOP is one of the most capable and comprehensive suppliers of industrial corrosion protection systems.

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Are you TPMS Ready?

REMA TIP TOP’s specialised product line of TPMS diagnostic and programming devices and accessories meets all the needs of a demanding and rapidly developing market.

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Material Processing

Contact REMA TIP TOP INDUSTRY UK head office on 01302 711233 - Material Processing, Surface Protection and Service

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Having an accident with your caravan ruins the memories you’ve made on your break or ruins the whole holiday if it happens on the way there. Taking care of your safety requirements and ensuring you comply with the highway code is paramount but most people forget one VERY important aspect….. The tyres!

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The highest quality standards, many years of experience and comprehensive expertise – this is the base for a genuine innovation from REMA TIP TOP: The PREMIUM line of patches for the next generation in tyre repair and retreading.

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Time is money - unplanned breakdowns of conveyor systems and long downtimes due to repairs often lead to high costs. The two-component repair paste REMAREP ULTRA 10 "Black" made of solvent-free PU in the new cartridge size helps to significantly reduce repair time, especially for major damage to conveyor belts as well as to PU, PVC and elastomer components.

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