Wheel Alignment and Balancing solutions from Corghi

REMA TIP TOP offer a world class range of wheel alignment following the exclusive agreement to distribute Corghi spa capital equipment to its customers in Great Britain from March 2014. The superb range includes the award winning alignment machine - R.E.M.O and top of the range touchscreen Eyelight wheel balancer.

Corghi’s REMO Uno (r.e.m.o. ‘robotic equipment for measuring by optics’) clampless wheel aligner heads an incredible portfolio of alignment solutions. The product, six years in development was conceived in response to the need for a precision instrument that avoids all contact between the rims and mechanical equipment (clamps) during measurement. R.E.M.O. has achieved this using artificial vision technology to measure toein, and complete 3D scanning of the wheel.

Measurement is obtained by the two small robots equipped with lasers and cameras which move in parallel with the vehicle, acquire images and, in less than two minutes, determine the angles and spatial coordinates of the wheel to a precision of one hundredth of a millimetre.

Further REMO alignment models include the Compact and Rapide plus the BlackTech X Plus. The REMO Compact has all the characteristics of its predecessor, with the angles measured without the use of clamps, quickly and with no need for operator intervention, but with a simplified configuration and smaller in size.

The REMO Rapide is the concept of a product intended for tyre specialists and repair shops, which with extreme ease and speed, allows the operators to verify whether or not the convergence of the vehicle needs adjusting.

The EXACT BlackTech X Plus, is the new passive target wheel aligner technology with 8 high resolution digital cameras for maximum measurement precision. The automation of the wheel alignment operations and the extreme reliability of the components greatly enhance productivity. A PC with Windows XP, EXACT Alignment Pro and complete multibrand vehicle specs are all provided standard. With these features, EXACT BlackTech X Plus has become an industry reference as well as a safe investment for wheel alignment professionals.

REMA TIP TOP’s new range of Corghi Wheel Balancers feature the Eyelight Touchscreen monitor diagnostic wheel balancer with touchless size detection, automatic wheel clamping system, automatic guard opening, complete wheel diagnosis and drift problem solution.

Fast, accurate, reliable and easy-to-use state the reviews, but for something with a little less spec but designed with the same quality and precision - enquire about the EM9550, EM9580 or EM9980 models.

For further information on how you can order any of the CORGHI products featured please contact Bruce Somerville, REMA TIP TOP AUTOMOTIVE UK on 0113 2770044 or 07860 449436 or visit our website,