REMA TIP TOP secures UK exclusivity for 'TIP TOP TREAD'

TIP TOP TREAD is a wireless car tyre inspection system, that in around one minute provides an accurate report on the condition of all four tyres (plus spare wheel) via its bluetooth transmission. It produces a unique and easy to understand graphical Tyre Audit Report that allows the customer to see exactly what the technician sees, giving a clear indication of whether the tyres or wheel alignment require attention.

The free and concise customer report provides a simple illustrative document to support the technician‘s wheel assessment, ensures the tyres are maintained in optimal condition and leads to increased tyre and wheel alignment sales.

Mark Insley, Group Managing Director of REMA TIP TOP commented: "As a market leader in the automotive sector, we believe our new Android based 'TIP TOP TREAD' system will achieve rapid market adoption. The UK market alone is estimated to be 40,000 tyre outlets which could benefit from the sales enhancing features of TIP TOP TREAD."

For more information please download our new TIP TOP TREAD brochure